Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

by Amaru at 6:23 AM
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My goal has been to keep Pantheon alive no matter what and to ride the storm out. Instead of joining the debate and argument, especially when it got ugly, I focused on building a new team. It so happened that I had a friend who had been working on a religious niche MMO for years using a volunteer only team. I tapped into her knowledge of volunteer and remote team building and much to my amazement was able to start reassembling a team far more rapidly than I thought possible. She knew people who knew people and we now have a larger team than before, full of people with energy and a strong desire to be part of an MMO team and to do so with little to no compensation and to do so remotely. I was skeptical at first, being accustomed to funded projects and a job site where we all met every morning and worked together and in person.

My friend and now co-lead and Pantheon Producer, Laurene, has done the amazing and we have a very solid team of lore writers, world builders, artists,...
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Lost among the turmoil of the last week was the recent information releases related to the Ogre race in Pantheon. Among these updates was a complete system of language, a look at the Ogre pantheon, and a great look at the Ogre concept art, providing a sense of scale and variety among one of the larger races of Pantheon.


Take a look at it all and join us in the forums to discuss where the Ogres stand now.
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Lots of Gnoll lore has found its way to the Athenaeum. Today we learn about the Netherclaws, the Bristlefurs, the Ravagepaws, the Wildclaws, the Sharpfangs, and the Blacktails. And, to top it off, we're given an Old Briggean Farm Fable to top off the gnoll lore.


Check out all of the's great work and let us know which pack you would run with, or if you would just slaughter them all!
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No official statement has been released via the official site yet, but Brad McQuaid joined the KTAM team on the Epic Sunday broadcast today to break the news that further money donated through the site would go towards site upkeep, while development would be suspended while the team seeks out more funding. I am sure there will be more news to follow regarding this in the coming days.
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For those who wanted an inside look at the real core of MMORPG design, there is no better place to get it right now than at the official Pantheon site. For the past several days, players have been able to read over and comment with Brad about his lengthy high level concept design document covering the use of climates in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Take a look and leave your comments in our forums, then sign up at the official site so that you can directly impact the discussion.


Climate High Level Design Document (HLDD)

Climates, Climate Types, Affect Types

A Climate is a type of 3DS (a defined three dimensional area of space in a zone, much like it was in Vanguard). A Climate has a name/description. It has data that describes a particular Climate placed into a zone that is a 3DS. It has a type which references the Climate Types...
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